Based in the small town of Penrith on the edge of the Lake District The Fish Cellar ltd was set up by Neil about nine years ago, Mark joined him three years later. Between them they have over thirty years experience in the retail and wholesale fish industry. We now feel we are at a point where the fresh fish we source should be available to people wanting to buy on the internet.

Because of our location we are ideally placed to source the finest of local produce, and ensure that it arrives in the best possible condition to our customers.

Here is just a small amount of information about our produce:

Shetland Organic SalmonOrganic salmon from Shetland is a fish of unsurpassable quality. Reared on some of the most remote salmon farm sites in the world and nurtured to maturity in these idyllic conditions.

Organic Food Federation
organic salmon bears the Organic Food Federation UK for organic certification.

This includes:


Salmon farming sites
The sustainable salmon feed itself 
two dedicated Shetland packing stations
Aberdeen-based processing facility

Freedom Foods

Freedom Foods

Our organic salmon has the important animal welfare standard “Freedom Foods”, which observes the five freedoms required for a living creature:


Freedom from hunger, thirst and malnutrition
Freedom from discomfort
Freedom from pain, injury or disease
Freedom to express normal behaviour
Freedom from fear and distress
Friend of the Sea

For more information about Freedom Foods please click on the link below:

Freedom Foods - established by the RSPCA in 1994

The main criteria of the Earth Island Institute are: Conservation, Preservation, Restoration and Sustainability. This organisation was responsible for working with the tuna fishermen to reduce the dolphin destruction by 98 per cent per year.

Red Deer Stalking

Lakeland VenisonTop quality "highland" stalking in fantastic scenery on the Shap fells on the edge of the Lake District. An eight wheel Glen Almond ATV is used for access onto the hill and bringing out stags and hinds in season. Stags with good heads and exceptional body weights (often over 20 stone) are common with stalking let by the day.

All stalking is preceded by a session on the Estate range to zero rifles and to make sure that the stalker is proficient enough to make the shot. An Estate rifle can be hired and all stalkers must have valid fire arms certificate and insurance.

This is to ensure that the stag or hind is taken as cleanly and humanely as possible